Art Activities and Projects for Kids

Written by Michele Wheat

When you think of art, you might think of coloring with crayons or painting, but there's a lot more to it than that. There are lots of different kinds of art that use all sorts of materials, from clay to coffee filters to old cardboard boxes. Making art can be really fun, and it's a great way to get creative. Just about anything you can imagine can inspire art! When you have big emotions, making art can also help you to deal with them. You can also get inspiration for your own art by looking at the works of famous artists online. You can make art with computers, too, but it's usually a lot more fun to make art with real materials and your own hands.

Interactive Art Games and Activities

Projects and Crafts

  • Create Your Own Board Game: Board games are lots of fun, but why just play one when you can design your own?
  • DIY Cereal Box Guitar: Turn an empty box into a guitar and you'll be able to make art and make music, too!
  • Paper Chain Snakes: Paper chains are easy to make, and you can have even more fun by making one that's a snake. Give it a snake head on one end with a forked tongue to make it look like a real snake.
  • Math Animal Crafts With Paper Plates: With this easy activity, you can make your very own paper plate farm animal and practice your math.
  • Paper Sculpture: You can turn a simple sheet of paper into an interesting work of art. Take inspiration from a famous sculpture artist, then make your own paper sculpture.
  • DIY Shoebox Dollhouse: Customize a house for your dolls any way you want using cardboard boxes and a few other basic art supplies.
  • Allergy-Free Play Dough Recipes: Sculpting with play dough can be really fun, and this recipe lets you make your own that's totally safe to play with even if you have allergies.
  • Cardboard Marble Maze: Make your own marble mazes with materials you have around the house, then have marble races with your family or friends!

Drawing and Painting

  • Color by Numbers: Coloring by numbers is an easy way to make art, and this online coloring book has lots of examples you can use.
  • Popsicle Painting: Have a grownup put some colored water in a plastic Popsicle mold overnight, then take your frozen painting tools outside to make fun, messy art.
  • Beautiful Curves: Paint cool designs and curves without a mess in this virtual paint lab.
  • Draw Mickey Mouse: Learn to draw Mickey Mouse with this easy tutorial.
  • Popped Bubble Art: Blowing bubbles is always fun, but you can also make art with bubbles.
  • Homemade Sidewalk Paint: Create your very own homemade sidewalk paint to turn your driveway or a nearby sidewalk into a work of art!
  • Coffee Filter Crafts: Using coffee filters, you can create beautiful butterflies, flowers, and paintings.
  • Spatter Painting: You'll need an old toothbrush to try this fun, messy painting trick.
  • Summer Suncatchers: Create your own suncatchers to hang on your bedroom window.
  • Salt Painting: You've probably painted with watercolors before, but adding salt can make it more interesting.
  • Spin Art: Get your hands dirty creating fun, splattery art.

Printable Worksheets and Coloring Pages