Top Nightclubs/Bars around the World

Written by Michele Wheat


Many people like to go out to nightclubs on the weekends after a long, hard work week. This is because they are good places to hang out with friends, have a few drinks, and listen and dance to some good music. Due to this, basically any nightclub is fun, but there are a few nightclubs around the world that are extreme. They take your normal, average nightclub to the next level.

These nightclubs push the limits by hiring top of the line performers, having the most space to dance, and having amazing features such as lasers and smoke machines. Furthermore, most of the extreme night clubs are in the hearts of some of the biggest cities in the world such as Las Vegas and London. Due to all of these aspects, they also need top of the line security. So, if you ever plan on going to one of the night clubs listed below, make sure you order your tickets or attendance wristbands ahead of time. Also, make sure you are 21 years old because they will not give you an age verification wristband to get in if you are not.


Club Space, Miami

Today, Miami is known for its extreme night time party life and people say it’s all thanks to Club Space. Club Space is said to have revived Miami when they opened up in 2000. Right when they opened, it became so popular that they ended up having to upgrade to a larger venue in just three years of being open. Not only does their new venue have all of the crazy lights, disco balls, and dancers to make it exotic, they also have a 24-hour license. This means they can be open whenever letting people party until the sun rises.

XS, Las Vegas

The night club XS is pronounced “excess” and for a good reason too. It is because this massive 40,000 square foot luxurious night club is very excessive. What makes it so excessive is just about everything about it from its huge main piece chandelier, to mirrors hanging from the ceiling. They also are known to get some world class performers such as the Chain Smokers, Marshmello, and Avicii. Oh, and did I mention that they have swimming pools in the club? So, if you ever go do not forget your swim suit!


Zouk, Singapore

Next on the list is the party palace venue called Zouk which literally means “party” in French Creole. This club is known to be Singapore’s most popular nightclub. The reason why this nightclub is so massive is because it’s actually made from three restored warehouses. Due to having so much space, this complex night club actually has four clubs within one. All four clubs play different types of music, so there is music for everyone to enjoy. 

Pacha, Ibiza

There is a good chance that you have heard of Pacha, if you know a little about night clubs, because Pacha is a global brand with clubs all around the world. Besides in Ibiza, some of their other locations include New York and even Moscow, Russia. But it is said the Pacha in Ibiza is the first one and the greatest one. This location gets its reputation because it is considered to be the birth place of house music. Furthermore, they often get famous artists to play there. In fact, artists such as Steve Aoki have homes very close to the night club.

Hakkasan, Las Vegas

The Hakkasan night club is next on the list because it is right on the Las Vegas Strip and part of the MGM Hotel and Casino. If you ever plan to visit, expect to spend a lot of money because it can cost up to 75 dollars just to get your wristband to be able to get in. Other than its location that makes it expensive, it’s also known for being a three story masterpiece with the best lights, sound, and overall entertainment. You are almost destined to have a great time.


Space, Ibiza

Ibiza gets on this list for the second time no doubt with their night club Space. No wonder why Ibiza is known for their great night life with all of these amazing night clubs. What makes Space so amazing is that the club has been around for over 25 years. It’s massive, outside, and open very late. One thing that makes it extreme is that Space has planes roaring over the top of the nightclub, throughout the night. How cool is that?


All of these nightclubs are world class and definitely should be on your bucket list if you are someone that likes to party and listen to some great body bending music. Although these are some of the best options, there are many night clubs all around the world. In fact, almost every big city has at least one, so it could be a fun challenge to try and experience as many as possible. A cool way to keep track of all the places you have been is by keeping your attendance wristband or creating a custom wristband to show off to your friends and family, symbolizing all of the cool night clubs you have been to.