VIP Wristbands


low as
  • ¾" width x 10" length
  • Made in the USA
  • Tear resistant and waterproof
Tyvek Wristbands


low as
  • .625" width x 10" length
  • Made in the USA
  • Tear resistant and waterproof
Plastic Wristbands

Wristco carries VIP wristbands that allow you to distinguish your VIP customers. They are also great for crowd control, age verification, admission and more. Choose from our selection of vibrant colors to make your VIP wristbands stand out from the crowd. 

Tyvek wristbands: perfect for short events lasting 1 - 2 days. They are one time use, tear resistant, durable and water resistant. Our tyvek ID wristbands have an adhesive closure and they need to be destroyed when taken off. These cheap VIP wristbands are very cost effective, convenient, and easy to use for any event.  

Plastic vip wristbands: great for long term events lasting up to a week. They come with a one time use snap closure and must be destroyed to be taken off. Plastic vip wristbands are great for resorts, campgrounds, concerts, and so much more! Lots of water parks use plastic wristbands because they are water proof. Our plastic bands are comfortable, durable, and made from stretch resistant material. We have green, blue, red, gold, and black plastic bracelets that have VIP writing on them on our plastic design wristbands page. 


Custom Wristbands:

If you are wanting to make VIP/special access wristbands to suit your event, use our easy wristband configurator to create a unique wristband. Creating a custom wristband will enhance the security and aesthetic of the event. VIP bracelets are great for any kind of event including music festivals, amusement parks, bars, night clubs, concerts, and so much more!

Outside Lands is an art and music festival in San Francisco, California that uses wristbands for single day VIP access. With this wristband, you are allowed to use and see things that the general admission people won't see/use. Having VIP wristbands at your events is a great addition so you can easily identify your guests.

Last Edited On 8/16/2021