Concerts and Interactive Music Resources for Home

Written by Michele Wheat

Music is a universal language. Although the words may differ and not be understood, the mood and tone of a song can be heard around the world to convey a feeling. Music is a component of every culture and is part of the human experience. Music can change our mood, help our memory, help us communicate our feelings, and bring people together. Learning to understand some of the technical aspects of music can open up an entirely new appreciation for music of all different types, and learning to play an instrument, or several, can be one of the best-known ways to spend your spare time, relieve stress, and have fun. With music being such a large component of society, there are many ways to enjoy music. Online, there are many free resources to help you enjoy listening to, learning the history behind, or learning to play your own music. Enjoy listening to online concerts when you can't leave home to enjoy a concert in person. Browse museum exhibits all about music from the comfort of your home, and even experience a virtual music festival.

The City Music Center

Virtually explore this music studio and learn about different instruments and what they do while you explore.

Free Beginner Piano Lesson

Take the first piano lesson, here, for beginners, and then progress through additional free lessons as you practice and improve. You will soon be concert ready!

Musical Conversations

Listen in as Michael Parloff and Soovin Kim discuss and analyze the music of Winterreise, an over 200-year-old composition by Schubert.

CSO Sounds & Stories with Vadim Karpinos

Listen to this amazing marimba-based rendition of Tambourin Chinois by members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Music Notes for Beginners

This beginner's music theory video will walk you through musical notes along with various octaves and directions.


This is perfect for those beginning to learn piano and will help you practice different chords on a virtual piano keyboard.

Concert Roulette

Explore a variety of concerts in this fun concert roulette. You can choose different genres of music, and the program will choose a different concert for you to listen to.

Play Piano Online

Choose your song, and then see if you can win this game by tapping the piano keys at the right time in sync with the music.

Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester (Orchestra)

Listen in awe to amazing music from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Budapest Festival Orchestra

This free concert, no admissions bracelet needed, from the Budapest Festival Orchestra, is sure to capture your heart through its powerful music compilations.

Composers in Focus: Jessie Montgomery

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center presents a snapshot of the musical works of Jessie Montgomery, as well as showcasing a discussion of the music.

Classics For Kids

In this interactive game, you can learn all the instruments that are used in an orchestra and the sounds they each make.

Word Search - Intermediate Musical Terms

In this classic game of word search, see how quickly you can find the music terms.

Thirteen Free Guitar Lessons

Begin your journey into learning guitar in this free online set of lessons. They are set up to be easy to follow and easy to navigate through on the same page. This will allow you to move as quickly or slowly through the lessons as you wish.

Your Very First Drum Lesson

This video lesson will walk you through the start of playing the drums and help you understand the basics of the rhythm that go into playing the drums. The best part is you can partake in this lesson even if you do not have a drum set yet!

Good-Ear Ear Trainer

Listen to different notes and see if you can identify the sounds in this online music lab.

Beginning Piano Scales

When wanting to learn to play the piano, the first step is to learn the various scales. This easy-to-follow lesson walks you through the various scales and how you can create them.

Bach Collection

Miller Theatre, of the Columbia University School of the Arts, presents this pre-recorded concert, no admissions wristband needed, exhibiting a collection of Bach's famous music.


The twelve-tone technique, also known as serialism, is a set of rules made up specifically for music composers. These two videos will walk through a simple explanation of these rules.