Wrist, Hand, and Finger Positions for Proper Typing

Written by Michele Wheat

Computer and Keyboarding Basics

Typing Games

  • TypeRacer: Power your race car by typing faster than the competition to surge to victory in this game.
  • 10FastFingers: Test your typing speed while competing against others typing in the same language on this website.
  • Nitro Type: This fun race-themed game tests your typing speed.
  • Keyboarding Zoo: Kids can learn their letters and where they are on the keyboard with this game.
  • Keyboard Ninja: Type the letters to slash through the fruit, but don't slash the bombs!
  • Dance Mat Typing: The BBC created this musical game that helps to teach typing skills.
  • Space Bar Invaders: Keep the bands of alien invaders from reaching the bottom of the screen by typing their words and groups of letters correctly.

Typing Tests

  • Typing Test: Type the text provided to test your typing speed.
  • Key Hero: Get immediate feedback on your speed and accuracy as you take this typing test.
  • Speed Typing Online: Choose how long of a test you want to take and the type of text you want to type, then see how fast you complete the challenge.
  • Typing Speed Test: Type the words as fast as you can to see what your typing speed is.
  • Ten-Key Number Typing Test: We most commonly type letters, but it's useful to be able to type numbers quickly, too. This speed test will give your right hand and wrist a workout!
  • How to Type: Speed Test: Check your typing speed and your accuracy with this test.
  • Goodtyping Speed Test: How fast can you type a passage of text without looking down at your hands?

Speed and Accuracy Lessons for Typing

  • Beginner Typing Tutorial: This curriculum focuses on getting users to type real words as soon as possible in the learning process.
  • Keyboarding Tutorial, Lesson One: Keyboarding drills aren't all that fun, but they're a really effective way of building the muscle memory you need to be able to touch type.
  • TypingAcademy Online Typing Lessons: This platform offers a range of practice exercises and can be used with a variety of different keyboard layouts.
  • Touch Typing, Lesson One: Learning to type well starts with mastering the keys that are directly underneath your fingertips in the home row. You can find these without looking by feeling for the bumps on the F and J keys; these should be below your pointer fingers.
  • Mastering Common Letter Combinations: Getting really good at typing frequently used combinations of letters quickly can boost your overall typing speed.
  • How to Type Faster: Try these tips and tricks to become a faster typist.
  • Keybr Typing Practice: You can set this practice tool to focus on the whole keyboard or just certain keys. If you start with just a few keys, the tool will automatically add more as you progress.