Custom Rubber Bracelets


low as
  • Made from 100% non-allergenic silicone that lasts

  • Long-lasting ink that protects your design 

  • Personalize for your brand

  • Single and multi-colored bands

Silicone Wristbands
Made in the USA

Wondering where to make custom rubber bracelets? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At WristCo, we specialize in the production and shipping of 3 premium, best-selling wristband styles: Tyvek®, plastic, and of course- custom rubber wrist bracelets. More commonly referred to as custom silicone bracelets because they are comprised of 100% silicone (latex and lead-free), they are elastic, durable, and waterproof. They are reusable and can be worn indefinitely, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Here at WristCo, we offer over 100 band colors and patterns including solid, segmented, swirl, and glow-in-the-dark, multiple bandwidths, adult/youth sizes, and add-on features including keychain conversion and individual bagging. We also allow you to design your silicone bracelet wristbands in 6 different inscription styles:

  • Printed: the message/artwork is silkscreened directly on top of the silicone surface using a water and heat resistant ink. The finished product boasts a sleek, velvety appearance.
  • Debossed: a stamped or engraved design achieved through the use of a custom mold. The desired personalization is pressed into the soft silicone, creating dimension.
  • Ink Injected: a debossed design filled with a colored ink. The recession of the text/artwork provides an added layer of protection for the ink since it’s sunken down into the band. As a result, this style is one of the most popular choices for custom rubber bracelets.
  • Color Coat: A two-tone wristband (one color silicone on the outside, a different color silicone on the inside). The exterior layer is debossed, then filled with ink matching the interior silicone color. The final look displays the messaging vividly due to the contrast of the dual color scheme.
  • Embossed: A 3-D, elevated design fabricated from a mold. The raised personalization on the wristband surface makes the band tactile. Text and logos become more pronounced since you can physically see and feel the dimension.
  • Embossed Printed: An embossed message, graphic, or pattern with ink laid over top. The upraised design is precisely silk-screened, creating a vivid distinction between glossy ink and matte silicone.

We also carry blank, rubber wristbands. These plain, solid-colored silicone bands can be ordered and shipped the same day since they are in stock items that don’t require any additional manufacturing.


How much should I sell silicone bracelets for?

Silicone bracelets are a great fundraising and awareness generating tool. If you feel people are passionate about your cause, you can charge whatever dollar amount you feel people will be willing pay to support your mission/cause.

Are rubber wristbands recyclable?

Although silicone has many properties of plastic, it's technically considered part of the rubber family and has its own recycling process.

How do you make a rubber band bracelet?

A rubber bracelet can easily be customized with more than 100 colors and patterns, six inscription styles, and countless customization features to choose from, personalization options are endless.

Are silicone wristbands safe?

Our silicone bands are made with 100% silicone, which is latex and lead free, and are SDS certified, making them safe.

What are those rubber bracelets called?

Rubber bracelets are often called silicone or awareness wristbands.

Can you stretch silicone bracelets?

Silicone bracelets, because of their silicone bands are made with 100% silicone, which is latex and lead free.

How do you make bracelets with rubber bands?

You can customize your own right on our site.  Add your own text, graphics and/or choose from our numerous clip art options.