Popular Wristband Colors


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  • ¾" width x 10" length
  • Made in the USA
  • Tear resistant and waterproof
Tyvek Wristbands
Made in the USA


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  • 1" width x 10" length
  • Made in the USA
  • Tear resistant and waterproof
Made in the USA


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  • .625" width x 10" length
  • Made in the USA
  • Tear resistant and waterproof
Plastic Wristbands
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  • Made from 100% non-allergenic silicone that lasts

  • Long-lasting ink that protects your design 

  • Personalize for your brand

  • Single and multi-colored bands

Silicone Wristbands
Made in the USA

Color impacts our thoughts and emotions, so choosing the right color for your wristbands is important. If you’re not sure which color best fits your needs or you don’t have a preference, our 5 bestselling band colors are the perfect place to start!

Green Wristbands

As the color most strongly correlated with nature (outdoors, vegetation, foliage), green symbolizes growth, peace, and harmony. It’s further used to signify:

  • freshness, health & wellness (especially in conjunction with food, nutrition, organics, etc.)
  • environmentalism & sustainability (i.e. eco-friendly products)
  • prosperity & status (i.e. money, greed, envy, jealousy, etc.)
  • safety & identification (i.e. to confirm, approve, or proceed with something)

The color green is known to have a relaxing, healing effect, and is considered the most soothing color to the human eye. It also takes up more space in the visible spectrum, making the color green the most noticeable from a distance. Given these properties, it’s no surprise that green wristbands are the most obvious choice for general admission and special access purposes. Our neon green specifically is near impossible to miss and allows staff/security to immediately and accurately identify qualified attendees. One-time-use styles like green Tyvek® and plastic wristbands are particularly favored when head counts and capacity limits need to be monitored.

Green General Admission Tyvek WristbandGreen VIP Plastic Wristband

Blue Wristbands

From denim jeans to business logos and world flags, blue is the most widely utilized color throughout the world, as well as the reported ‘favorite color’ amongst American men and women. Renowned for its links to expertise, intelligence, and consciousness, blue is commonly found in company branding and advertising since it’s associated with trust, security, and reliability. Organizations wishing to project a stable and successful image often prefer to use the color blue, especially in darker tones like navy, as it expresses professionalism. As such, we see blue wristbands used a lot for corporate conferences, conventions, and tradeshows.

Because it’s so popular, we have an extensive range of blue-tone options in every material wristband we manufacture. For starters, our silicone style has over 40 different blue shades and colorways to choose from including solid, segmented, swirl, and glow-in-the-dark. We also offer a blue holographic pattern in our plastic wristband style. The glossy, iridescent surface can be customized to feature the message, logo, or design of your choice, and makes this sparkly-blue plastic bracelet really come to life.

Reflex Blue and Light Blue Segmented Silicone WristbandBlue Holographic Plastic Wristband

Red Wristbands

Red is a strong, impactful color associated with heat, fire, courage, and energy. Capable of eliciting physical effects such as boosting metabolism, increasing breathing, and raising blood pressure, the color red produces the strongest human reaction. Stressing importance and/or urgency, red inherently demands attention and therefore, is recognized as the traditional color for ‘warning’ or ‘danger’ (ex. firetrucks, ambulances, stop signs, traffic lights). It’s also synonymous with:

  • intense emotions such as anger, rage, wrath, love, and passion
  • healthcare & emergency (i.e. heart, blood, triage and trauma-related)
  • safety & identification (i.e. to limit, deter, or stop something)

Red wristbands are relied upon heavily in medical settings and scenarios. For example, our red Tyvek® and plastic styles are used in hospitals and ER clinics where patient needs are communicated via standardized color-codes. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), red wristbands are used to indicate an allergy. More recently, colored silicone bracelets have been worn to express social distancing preferences in regards to COVID-19. A red silicone band means that person is high risk, avoiding contact, and/or should not be approached (i.e. > 6’ of space).

Red Allergy Alert Plastic Wide Wristband
Covid-19 High Risk Red Silicone Wristband


Orange Wristbands

The color orange represents activity, amusement, and recreation. Warm and inviting, it promotes physical and mental stimulation, as well as encourages communication and interaction. Highly visible, orange is the easiest color to see in dim or dark lighting. Joggers, hunters, and construction workers all wear clothing in the vibrant shade colloquially known as ‘safety’ or ‘blaze’ orange, in an attempt to alert others to their presence and avoid danger.

Orange wristbands are commonly used in leisure & entertainment venues given the color’s connection to socialization and fun. Our neon orange, single-use bands like plastic and Tyvek® are especially advantageous as they can be customized with QR/barcodes, special numbering, and variable data. This is helpful when proof of purchase needs to be identified and validated quickly (ex. amusement and water parks, zoos/aquariums, sports tournaments). We also carry orange silicone bracelets that glow-in-the-dark; these are ingenious keepsakes to gift attendees of nighttime functions (i.e. concerts, festivals, glo-runs) that still allow for event entry to be easily track.

Orange Tyvek WristbandOrange Glow Silicone Wristband


Yellow Wristbands

Most associated with light and sun, the color yellow symbolizes happiness, hope, and optimism. Viewed as lively and upbeat, yellow is known to invigorate the senses, spark memories, and enhance creativity. In contrast with black, yellow’s brilliance makes objects/content standout, and is the best color-combination for general warning and caution purposes (i.e. hazard & roadway signs, school buses, protective guardrails, traffic lines, etc.). With its bright and vivid appearance, yellow is often used in cause and movement advocacy. From ribbons presented to knights during wartime to gel bracelets generating funds for cancer research, yellow has been the traditional color chosen to indicate support and raise awareness.

Yellow wristbands make excellent choices for age-restricted settings (bars, nightclubs, breweries, wineries, etc.); this is why we stock pre-designed ‘age verified’ yellow wristbands in both our Tyvek® and plastic styles. Of course, you can customize your own further using our wristband customizing tools. We offer both neon and Pantone yellow to ensure you receive maximum visibility of your wristband’s messaging.

Age Verified Yellow Plastic WristbandOver 21 yellow Tyvek Wristband


Custom Color Wristbands

At WristCo, we understand the importance in offering our customers a wide variety of wristband colors to choose from. We carry hundreds of band color options across all styles online, and can also color-match if needed via our expert customer service team. If there is a specific Pantone (PMS) or color request you have that cannot be fulfilled on our website, call 800-261-2070 or email info@wristco.com, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm CST, and we will help find a colorful solution!

Last Edited On 6/08/2022